Why Rigalma Student Transport Management System

Rigalma Transport Management System is a comprehensive and innovative platform that offers a range of services for the transportation industry. This system is designed to provide an efficient and effective way to manage the School Transportation system. Here are some of the key reasons why our Transport Management System is a valuable solution for transportation companies:

Our system is a valuable solution for schools looking to streamline their operations, improve safety, and enhance the user experience. With its real-time visibility, automated processes, and scalability, this platform can help transportation facilities to optimize their operations.


Features of Student Transport Management System

This module will help the admin easily track school vehicles and provide great ease in maintaining the routes.

  • Easy route management
  • Vehicle management
  • Student Attendance while boarding and deboarding the bus
  • Alerts parents in case of delays

Benefits of our Student Transport Management System

Our Student Transport Management System is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for schools, colleges, and universities to manage student transportation operations. This system offers a range of benefits, including:

Improved Safety:

Our Student Transport Management System provides features to ensure the safety of students during transportation, such as real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers, emergency alerts, and driver behavior monitoring. It helps to reduce the risk of accidents and ensures that students arrive at their destination safely.

Cost Savings:

Our system optimizes transportation routes, reduces idle time, and eliminates the need for manual processes. It helps reduce transportation costs, such as fuel expenses, labor, and maintenance costs.

Increased Efficiency:

Our system automates and streamlines transportation operations, such as route planning, scheduling, and dispatching. It helps increase transportation operations' efficiency, reducing wait times and ensuring that students arrive on time.

Improved Parent Communication:

Our system offers real-time communication with parents, including alerts and notifications about bus delays or route changes. It helps to improve parent satisfaction and trust in the transportation system.


Data Analysis:

Our system provides detailed data analytics to identify trends and patterns in transportation operations, such as on-time performance and utilization rates. It helps to optimize transportation operations and make informed decisions about resource allocation.


Our system promotes sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions through optimized transportation routes and reduced idle time.


Our system ensures compliance with transportation regulations, such as driver licensing requirements, vehicle maintenance standards, and safety regulations.

We can say our Student Transport Management System offers a range of benefits for educational institutions and parents.

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