Why Rigalma Assessments

Our Assessments is a leading provider of comprehensive assessments designed to measure individuals' skills, knowledge, and abilities in various fields. There are several reasons why our Assessments are a preferred choice for organizations and individuals alike:

Rigalma's Assessment is a trusted and reliable provider of assessments that can help individuals and organizations make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.


Features of Assessments

This process is one of the most hectic processes in the school. But by using this module admin can make this process hassle-free. It becomes effortless for the admin to conduct an exam.

  • The exam planner makes it simpler and more effective for school administrators to schedule exams for the entire school (or privileged classes).
  • Manage the seating plan and date-sheet easily
  • Select question papers easily for any exam or subject
  • Release result and its view analytics

Benefits of our Assessments

Our assessments offer several benefits to individuals and organizations alike. Some of these benefits include:


Objective evaluation:

Our assessments offer an objective and unbiased evaluation of individuals' skills, knowledge, and abilities. It ensures the evaluation is based on facts and data rather than subjective opinions or biases.


Personalized feedback:

Our assessments provide personalized feedback to individuals, which helps them understand their strengths, weaknesses and identify areas of improvement. This feedback can be used to develop personalized learning plans or training programs to enhance their skills and competencies.


Informed decision-making:

Our assessments provide data-driven insights to organizations, which can be used to make informed decisions regarding employee recruitment, selection, and development. It helps organizations identify candidates for the right roles and develop training programs that align with their employees' needs.


Improved performance:

Our assessments can help individuals and organizations improve their performance by identifying areas of improvement and providing feedback to enhance skills and competencies. It can lead to improved productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.



Our assessments are a cost-effective way to evaluate individuals' skills and competencies compared to traditional evaluation methods. Our assessments can be administered online, eliminating the need for paper-based assessments and reducing administrative costs.


Easy-to-use platform:

Our assessments are administered through an easy-to-use online platform, which makes it easy for individuals to take assessments and for organizations to manage and interpret the results.

Overall, our assessments offer several benefits that can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and improve their performance.

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