Why Rigalma Admission Management System

We provide School ERP as a SaaS (Software as a Service) where a school can be set up entirely online. Admission management is also a feature. Our Admission Management System (AMS) helps educational institutions manage prospective students' admission process. Some of the benefits of using our AMS include:

Our Admission Management System is a valuable tool for educational institutions looking to improve the admission process, enhance the applicant experience, and increase operational efficiency.


Features of Admission Management System

This module helps the admin to manage the status of every lead of the students and keep track of the application. Manage the status of the lead for easy categorization and processing. Also, the analytics dashboard of the leads will help plan future admission. Create and customize an admission portal accessible on the web and mobile. Parents can also track the application status easily. Admins can collect relevant documents from students with admission management software. Students can upload their information on the portal.

Benefits of our Admission Management System

Our Admission Management System (AMS) is a software application designed to streamline and automate the admissions process for educational institutions, from universities to technical schools. Here are some of the key benefits of using an AMS:


Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Our AMS can automate many of the manual and time-consuming tasks associated with the admissions process, such as data entry, file management, and communication with applicants. It can significantly reduce the workload of the admissions staff.


Improved Accuracy and Consistency:

Our AMS can ensure that all applications are processed consistently and accurately, with no errors or omissions. The system can also track each applicant's progress through the admissions process, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks.


Enhanced Applicant Experience:

Our AMS provides a user-friendly interface for applicants to submit their materials, check their application status, and communicate with admissions staff. It can significantly enhance the applicant experience and improve overall satisfaction with the admissions process.


Customizable and Scalable:

Our AMS can be customized to meet the specific needs of each institution, from the types of materials required to the specific workflows and processes. The system can also scale to handle large applications during peak admissions periods.


Improved Data Analysis and Reporting:

Our AMS can generate reports and analytics on key metrics, such as applicant demographics, application completion rates, and enrollment numbers. This data can be used to identify trends, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to improve the admissions process.


Streamlined Communication:

We automate communication with applicants, providing them with regular updates on their application status and any missing materials. It can significantly reduce the number of inquiries that admissions staff receive while improving communication and transparency.


Cost Savings:

An AMS can reduce the cost of admissions management by eliminating manual processes, reducing errors, and improving efficiency. It can result in significant cost savings for educational institutions.

We can say an Admission Management System can provide numerous benefits for your educational institutions to streamline and improve their admissions process. From increased efficiency and productivity to improved accuracy and consistency, an AMS can enhance the applicant experience, improve data analysis and reporting, and provide significant cost savings.

We are here to help you find the best way to accelerate your transformation with the best Admission Management System.

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