An educational institution uses a student information system (SIS) to handle student data such as enrollment, attendance, grades, academic progress, and other relevant data.

Admission Management

An admission management system (AMS) is a piece of software made to make the admissions procedure in educational institutions more efficient.

Fee Management

The fee management system is a software-based solution designed to automate fee collection in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Transport Management

We provides an effective Transportation Management System for schools, colleges, universities, and institutes, automating the entire transportation management process.

Academics CRM

Academic CRM is designed to support educational institutions to provide high-quality training and academic programs.


LMS, or Learning Management System, is a digital platform allowing educational institutions to remotely deliver courses, live classes, and test series to students.

Expense Management

This module helps the institution to keep a record of all the transactions that can be further used for reference and auditing.

Library Management

The library management system would assist the admins in keeping a digital record of all the course materials rather than manually keeping track of all the reports, books, papers, etc.

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